Animals XXL

You probably know the set of wooden animals by Floris Hovers, and they are very decorative and playful……However, you might think that they are a bit too small if you are looking for a real eye-catcher for your interior.
So that’s why we are introducing the Animals XXL, starting with this minimalistic crocodile. We made it bigger. Well a lot, to be honest; the length is 2 meters! Never miss the elephant in the room again, even if it is a crocodile.

Large Toy Crocodile by Floris Hovers eye catcher for your interior or nursery room

Design Eye Catcher for indoors…..and outdoors!

We made 2 versions of this minimalistic design toy, an upholstered crocodile for indoors, and a coated version for outdoors. Both are soft, so very comfortable, you can sit or lie on it. The crocodile by Floris Hovers is a very distinctive design object and will do very well in your interior, or the nursery room. Kids can project their imagination and fantasy on it, and it is a starting point for many adventures and stories.

The coated version is suitable for outdoor use, it even floats! So put it in your pool or your garden, the kids love to play with it.

large design toy for outdoor design object crocodile by floris hovers for ikonic toys
kids design soft design object for nursery room
soft coated design object for outdoors pool floating object

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